New applications, new active ingredients and new formats.


The LIPTOSA R&D department works closely with the sales department, constantly observing any changes which arise in the sector regarding client demand and needs. We can offer early solutions which allow us to work in parallel to reach common objectives. 

Aware of the importance innovation holds as a growth factor, LIPTOSA continuously invests in the most advanced technology and development and is present at national and international trade fairs. We undertake research projects with the backing of institutions and European support. 

LIPTOSA provides solutions offered by nature and puts forward sustainable products which meet the strict quality control and traceability standards for each and every one of its ingredients. As a result, we are able to compete in a market which is ever more concerned about the origin of raw materials. 



LIPTOSA is driven by the objective to make the most of the properties of plants, plant extracts, essential oils and other natural resources. Our chemists, vets and agriculture engineers are using their knowledge and skills to place our potential at the service of the clients and their animals.



We have professionals who are specialised in quality, regulation, research and development. At LIPTOSA, we guarantee formulas which are as effective as they are proven and safe. We review and update our products on a regular basis, guaranteeing optimal production results and helping animals reach their true potential in a sustainable way.



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