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GLYADD – Chelated minerals –

GLYADD – Chelated minerals –



Trace minerals, though required in small amounts, play an important role in animal nutrition, as they are essential for maintaining health and immunity, being involved in growthproduction and reproduction.

Organic mineral sources have been demonstrated to have higher bioavailability when compared with inorganic mineral sources. Therefore, are considered now as the best option to replace inorganic minerals due to its:

–        Higher bioavailability

–        Lower excretion to the environment

–        No interaction with other ingredients

–        Higher absorption

Glyadd® minerals are manufactured using glycine as a ligand, the smallest amino acid, that allows to create a stable and complete chelated molecule small enough to be picked up by protein receptors in the digestive process.

–       GLYADD Zn ->  Zinc glycinate 26%

–       GLYADD Cu ->  Copper glycinate 24%

–       GLYADD Mn ->  Manganese glycinate 22%

–       GLYADD Fe -> Iron glycinate 20%

–       GLYADD EGGSHELL -> Eggshell quality improver