HYGEN PRO® LINE- Phytobiotic Solutions -


HYGEN PRO® is a line of nutraceutical and phytobiotic products based on plant extracts, essential oils, protected organic acids and pro nutrients to provide safe and effective solutions. Different studies have demonstrated a higher bactericide effect against both G(+) and G(-) from the combination of organic acids and essential oils.

The activity and effectiveness of the HYGEN PRO® line, owes its market differentiation and positioning to its specific protection system, which guarantees the controlled and gradual release of active ingredients throughout the entire digestive tract, regardless of pH and the presence of digestive enzymes.

This synergistic action of HYGEN PRO® active ingredients promotes a beneficial gut microflora that protects the host against pathogens and favours eubiosis, obtaining optimal conditions for animal growth and performance in all types of production systems.



Zootechnical performance improver

Improvement of Average Daily Gain and FCR.



Zootechnical performance improver combined with liver health care components



Powerful combination of essential oils and plant extracts



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