Digest FaSt is an effective biosurfactant that combines the emulsifying activity of lysophospholipids together the activity of botanic components.

Powder mixture of liver protectors (betain, artichoke), L-carnitine and lysophospholipids.

  Digest FaSt ensures an excellent digestibility of fats and availability of energy as it acts as a natural emulsifier. It also improves the digestibility of other nutrients in the feed and promotes the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Besides its emulsifying activity, it has following advantages:

ûFavours the pancreatic, billiard and intestinal secretions.

ûImproves the digestibility of the feed.

ûPrevents and controls the hepatic overload that derivate in fatty liver.

ûImproves the productive performance of the animals.

ûIn lactating sows diets, to prevent the body weight lost.

ûHelps to improve the profile of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in the diet.

LYSOPHOSPHOLIPIDS play an important role in nutrition as emulsifying agents and assist in the digestion of fat. They also help in fatty acid absorption by the formation of micelle structures.

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT: Increases the production and flow of bile and helps in regeneration of damaged liver cells. Bile is produced by the liver and secreted into the small intestine, where it breaks down fats. It is also important to help carry toxic substances out of the liver, dumping them into the intestine where they can be eliminated.

Substances of analogous effect to vitamins: betain helps to improve the liver function and accelerate the organic detoxification. Betain transfers methyl groups, essential for the RNA replication and for most of detoxification reactions carried out in the liver. L-carnitine acts as an appetite enhancer and helps to improve the zootechnical  performance.

How to use:

Include per Mt of feed:

ON-TOP FOR: Piglets: 750-1000 g/Mt; Lactating sows: 500g/Mt; Layers: 500-1000 g/Mt; 

FEED FORMULA OPTIMISATION: Poultry: 500 - 1000 g/Mt; Pigs: 500-1000 g/Mt; Dogs: 1000-1500 g/Mt; Cats: 1000 g/Mt; Aquaculture and minks: 1-2 Kg/Mt; Other species: 250-500 g /Mt.





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