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Nutraceutical – performance enhancer, detoxifier and recovery of delayed animals. Liptosafe contributes to a better feed digestibility and nutrients assimilation. Its use is well suited for addressing liver problems, intoxications and as support to high-performance animals.

Contribuye a una mejor digestibilidad del pienso y asimilación de nutrientes. Está especialmente recomendado ante problemas hepáticos, intoxicaciones y como apoyo a los animales de alto rendimiento.

Composition: hydrolyzed yeast, nutraceutical plant extracts, organic acids and vitamins.

Indications: Liptosafe helps to detoxify in mycotoxicosis and other intoxications caused by harmful substances in the feed.

Instructions of use: 0.5 – 1L / 1000 L of drinking water.

Species: all.

Presentation: liquid and powder.