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Hygen Pro® is our range of phytobiotic and nutraceutical solutions. It comprises different products based on a blend of, carefully selected, plant extracts, essential oils, protected organic acids and pro-nutrients, addressed to provide specific, safe and effective solutions to the challenges animal producers face every day. As to achieve our aim to offer specialised solutions against specific problems, our R+D department has developed the formulations taking advantage of the synergies between the different active ingredients, designing not just effective and efficient solutions, but also with an excellent price/quality ratio. Hygen Pro® range positions and distinguishes itself in the market thanks to its specific protection system, LSP, Liptosa Smart Protection, that guarantees a controlled and gradual release of its active components throughout the digestive tract, regardless the pH and the presence of digestive enzymes. This protection system also ensures the stability of the product against feed manufacturing conditions.

Hygen Pro R

Phytobiotic designed to cover the specific needs of dairy ruminants.

Hygen Pro Easy-grow

Phytobiotic particularly recommended for fattening ruminants. It helps to control stress and undesirable behaviours, improves animal welfare and zootechnical performance.