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The International Production and Processing Expo is the world's largest annual poultry, meat and feed industry event of its kind. A wide range of international decision-makers attend this annual event to network and become informed on the latest technological developments and issues facing the industry. We hope see you there in our A3015 hall  booth! You will be welcome! 





XIX Congreso Internacional Porkaméricas 2018

Ewa Sujka and Jesús Megías, representatives of the Technical Sales Department of Liptosa, were present at the XIX International Congress Porkaméricas from July 17th to 19th.

Both presented the scientific poster about the use of DigestFAst in pigs "Effect of the inclusion of premix with emulsifying properties in the feed on the productive and quality results of the carcass in fattening pigs”, where we showed the zootechnical and economic benefits of the use of DIGEST FAsT.

The congress took place in Cali attended by 1650 attendees from different countries from Latin America and other parts of the world, which makes this event one of the most important in the region.

Porkaméricas was an excellent opportunity to meet with producers and representatives of Colombian pig production companies to present solutions to the needs of the sector, such as our line of phytobiotics HygenPro, the anti-mycotoxin and detoxifier FINTOX and the products PIG SAVER - PIGLAC developed for improving the survival of the piglets and equal litters.

LIPTOSA provides effective solutions to distributors and customers involved in the animal nutrition business. Faithful to the philosophy of "the green way of life", we look for the most sustainable way to obtain effective products, in accordance with the strict European regulations and taking advantage of the resources provided by nature.

 Conference Pork Américas 2018

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