Uso de adaptógenos para afrontar agresiones de diferente índole en piscicultura.

Las explotaciones piscícolas pueden verse afectadas por alteraciones de tipo biológico, físico o químico que dan lugar a situaciones estresantes las cuales pueden repercutir negativamente en el sistema inmune, afectando al crecimiento de los peces y a la tasa de supervivencia.

Livestock regulations in the European Union – world leader

The EU remains at the forefront with regards to legislation which ensure the animal welfare.

Aquaculture – much more than producing fish

Fish farming plays a key role in global animal protein production.

Livestock industry fights to reduce its carbon footprint

Livestock farming is on its way to a more sustainable production.

Nutrition in the welfare of animals

It consists of a serie of factors that ensure the health and profitability of the product.

The importance of controlling the use of antibiotics in livestock

Antimicrobial resistance is among the main consequences.

Our origins

Liptosa and its phytobiotics are increasingly making their way into the world of livestock farming.

The nature and wisdom of the ‘Green Way of Life’

Natural solutions, with proven efficacy, can contribute to solving health problems.

The importance of nutritional effectiveness in swine production

It is important to calculate the best cost-effectiveness parameters when formulating a diet.

Phytobiotics – key in livestock feeding

Phytobiotics as an alternative to antibiotics in animal production. They have antiseptic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, carminative and eupeptic functions.